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Treasures Of The Zuni
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The Zuñi or Ashiwi are a Native American Pueblo tribe, who live in the Pueblo of Zuñi in western New Mexico. Zuñi has a population of about 12,000, and evidence shows they have lived in their present location for about 1300 years. The Zuñi speak the Zuñi language, a language which is unrelated to the languages of the other Pueblo peoples. The Zuñi continue to practice their traditional shamanistic religion with its regular ceremonies and dances and an independent mythology. You are welcome to visit their historic Pueblo and tours are available all year round.  The Zuñi are a peaceful, deeply traditional people who lived by irrigated agriculture and now by the sale of traditional crafts.  Carved stone animal fetishes, jewelry, needlepoint, and pottery are popular items.


Zuni inlay jewelry is regarded by most to be the finest work available.

According to one Zuni legend, the Creator placed the Zuni on a land that was swampy and dangerous. A multitude of animals roamed the earth and were threatening to the Zuni. Through the use of lightning bolts, the two sons of the Creator made the land dry and turned many of the animals to stone. The spirit of the animals remained in the stone. Today Zuni fetishes are among the favorite. We see them as a highly respected art form and great investment. Collecting them can also be a rewarding hobby with over 500 different fetishes available.
Most Zuni pottery is hand formed from local Pueblo clay. Zuni pottery is highly decorated with wildlife and water signs [because of the need of water for survival these symbols are dominate].

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