Collectible Kachina carvings from the Hopi tribe.
Welcome to where we feature the finest in authentic Native American art. We stock Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo pottery, fine American Indian jewelry, unique southwestern gift ideas, and unusual collectibles.

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Authentic Hopi Kachina carvings direct from the artists, perfect for collecting. We also feature carvings from the Navajo and Zuni tribe.
Kachina Dolls

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Hopi Kokopelli
Hopi Kokopelli - Hopi Kokopelli

Old school Konin kachina
k110 - Old school Konin kachina

Hopi horse kachina
k120 - Hopi horse kachina

Hopi cross legged kachina
Ka111 - Hopi cross legged kachina

Wapamo long billed kachina
Ka115 - Wapamo long billed kachina

Giant Hemis flat doll
ka119 - Giant Hemis flat doll

Hopi Sun Kachina
ka121 - Hopi Sun Kachina

Hummingbird kachina
ka124 - Hummingbird kachina

16 inch Frog Cradle Doll Kachina
Ka1300 - 16 inch Frog Cradle Doll Kachina

Hopi Premium Broad Face Kachina
Ka1301 - Hopi Premium Broad Face Kachina

Large Yellow Corn maiden
ka133 - Large Yellow Corn maiden

Hano mana by Randy Gorman
ka134 - Hano mana by Randy Gorman

Eototo Kachina chief
Ka147 - Eototo Kachina chief

Butterfly kachina SOLD
ka155 - Butterfly kachina SOLD

Zuni blue horn kachina
ka185 - Zuni blue horn kachina

ka188 - SOLD

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