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About Lawrence Namoki And His Pottery

About Lawrence Namoki Hopi Pottery
Lawrence Namoki could be the finest Hopi contempary potter of his time. His time consuming work is cocidered fine art and is highly collectible.

About Us

About Us
About our gallery and Trading Post Southwest.

An Interview With The Owner

An Interview With The Owner

Articles For Webmasters

Articles for Webmasters
Free articles for webmasters to be used for reference.

Charity Links

Charity Links

Contact Us

Contact Us

Customer Request

customer request

Cut For The Cause

Cut For The Cause
Donations for St Joseph’s Hospital for Children’s Research in Phoenix, Az.


Fetishes: what they mean.
Fetish carvings by the Zuni and Navajo and their meanings.

Fight Internet Scams

Fight Internet Scams
A case that became involved in is the fight against internet scams. Some people lose their life savings and scared for life.


Flute History
The history of the native american flute including the meaning of the fetish.

Fun And Info

Fun and Info
Take a break from shopping and read the latest news. Or how about a game of hangman. Learn new words or look them up in the dictionary.

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Native American pottery,Navajo horsehair pottery,Hopi kachinas,Zuni fetishes and southestern decor.
Fromthisplanet sells horsehair pottery, kachina dolls, Navajo flutes, zapotec and Navajo rugs. We offer baskets, Indian jewelry and southwestern decor.

Is It Authentic

A guide to the authenticity of Native American or Mexican art.

Kachina Of The Month

Kachina of the month
Every month we will feature one kachina carving that is special to us. We have hand picked this carving for its quality and meaning. As always we have a special pricing and consider this item highly collectible.


Links- Our decorating friends and Southwestern Decor sites

Links 2

Links 2
More links

Links 3

Links 3
Links to decor and friend s fromthisplanet.

Masks Native American Details

Masks Native American Details

Mexican Pottery Explained

Mexican Pottery Explained
The popularity of mexican pottery grows. With collectors and decorators buying up styles of the paquime, casas grandes, tarahumara, and mata ortiz regions of Mexico.

Navajo Made Prayer Pipes Closeups

Navajo-Made Prayer pipes beautiful artifacts for collector of Native American art.
Navajo-Made Prayer pipes beautiful artifacts for collector of Native American art.

Online Catalog

online catalog
Our online catalog at a glance, by request

Open Your Own Store

$Open your own store
Open your own store online. Make extra money and have fun. The most resonable way to setup a store online.


from this planet orders

Our Featured Item

Our Featured Item
fromthisplanet featured item Native American and American Indian art originals

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

See Our Store

See our store
Just one source of our authentic supplies. Some of our highest quality collectibles are stocked here.

Store Policies

Store Policies


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Treasures Of The Hopi

Treasures of the Hopi
The Hopi are known for their fine Kachina carvings and inlay silver designs. We choose to focus on the fine pottery of 1st mesa. This unique pottery is always hand formed from pueblo clay, fired outdoors, and regarded as highly valuable.

Treasures Of The Zuni

Treasures of the Zuni
Zuni water sign pottry, inlay jewelry, and shalako kachinas

Wedding Vases

*Wedding Vases
Native American wedding vases hand made by tribal members.

Wedding Vases Native American

Wedding vase History
Wedding vases History. We feature the best gift idea from reproduction to original native american art all are clearly marked.

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Secure Checkout
Finalize your purchases with our secure checkout process.

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Shop Cart
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Store Categories

   Acoma pottery
   Pottery from the Acoma tribe

   hand made craft native american

   Baskets Native American
   Horsehair baskets created by the Pima and Papago American Indians of Arizona. Hopi and Navajo baskets.

   Baskets southwestern
   Handmade southwestern baskets

   Fine fetish carvings from the Zuni and Navajo.,Navajo_1331592.html

   Fine paintings
   Native American pictures and sand paintings from the southwest.

   Flat doll kachinas
   cradle kachinas or flat dolls are the original katsinas. This is their original design dating back hundreds of years.

   Native American Flutes and drums
   Original Native American Flutes

   Hopi Kachinas
   All styles of Kachina, Katsina carvings, hand made by the Hopi tribe.

   Horsehair pottery
   Authentic horsehair pottery original pieces created by Native American artists from the Navajo tribe.

   Indian Jewelry
   authenic jewelry all origins are clearly marked

   Hand crafted Native American Knives.

   Masks Native American
   native american authentic masks

   Mimbreno china by pipestone
   Through special agreement with the AT&SF Railway, Pipestone is recreating this historic china to the same high standards laid down by Mary Colter. The designs are exactly as on the originals, in the same shades of maroon with charcoal accents.

   Native American Books
   Fine southwestern books of reference.

   native american music
   Music Cds by Native American artists

   Navajo Kachinas
   Kachina carvings and dolls made by the Navajo people.

   Navajo Made Prayer Pipes
   Navajo Made Prayer Pipe

   Navajo pottery
   Fine etched Navajo pottery, Pitch pots and collectible Lansing pottery.

   Navajo rugs
   Hand picked collectible Navajo rugs from Arizona and New Mexico.

   Pottery Hopi
   Pottery hand made by the Hopi tribe.

   Pottery Mexican
   tarahumara Indians, casas grandes, mata ortiz and paquime quality mexican pottery

   Pottery Storytellers
   Pottery Storyteller sculptures by the modern masters of the Natave American population.

   Pottery Zuni
   The highest quality fit enough for the best display at an unbelievable price.

   Pueblo pottery
   Collectible pueblo pottery hand made by Native American artisans.

   Richard Gorman art
   We feature the art of master painter and carver Richard Gorman. Richard Gorman is Hopi and Navajo. He is a Hopi carver that has been painting fine paintings for over twenty years.We sell for less because deal with Richard direct.

   Imported wool rugs in classic southwestern themes. These handwoven, Large 4 X 6 rugs are thick and top quality. These are very colorful Native American styled reproduction and sell for hundreds below the originals.
   Imported wool rugs in classic southwestern themes. These handwoven, Large 4 X 6 rugs are thick and top quality. These are very colorful Native American styled reproduction and sell for hundreds below the originals.

   Rugs Zapotec Old Mexico
   Southwestern style rugs imported from Mexico for that southwestern decor.

   Southwestern Throws the highest quality made in the USA by Loomcraft.

   Wedding vases
   Featuring new and old styles of the ever popular wedding vase for lovers

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