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Collecting should be fun, not frightning. How can you tell what is real and what is not? Did you know you can be fined ten thousand dollars by the Feds if you missrepresent Native American art? We have been by art for a long while. We have many friends that own galleries and some even have Navajo jewelers working in the building. We trust these sources. Some beadwork is bought by artist that carry tribal badges with their census number. Our collection of Silas Hopi pottery have been shaped right before our eyes and we have close ties with this family. Alot of our Navajo etched pottery is bought at a gallery that demands a picture of the artist. But you are not so lucky to have these ties are you? First of all I have no prejudice towards any persons, only the bad. Here are a few incidents that have happened when I am buying. I use the Zuni fetish book above as a reference. not that all artists are listed but this is an excellent resource. A tribal member brings a badger fetish to my car and claims it is his to sell. I hold up the book and ask his name, it's not in the book. He changes his name three times. Still no names are in the book, strike he wants $35.00... I sell them for $35.00. The truth is he bought them himself. A small group of silversmiths meet me at a show. Their jewelry was all hand made by one of the artists. Every signed piece has a different signature. How can that be? Some I know as duplicates from the Phillipines. Shocking! Know the artist. Know your source. Ask questions. I will add more to this article, time willing. Here is a good article to tide you over. Thanks again Don Mayo

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