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Fetishes: the art form and its meaning.

Fetish     Meaning
Armadillo - Slow, Sure, Gets things right. Keeper of the home
Badger - Aggressiveness, Perseverance, the ability to reach a desired goal
Bat - Guardian of the night, cleaner
Bear - Strength, Introspection, spiritual journey though life. The white bear is medicine.
Beaver - Builder, hardworking, power of working and attaining a sense of achievement
Bobcat - Knows secrets, clairvoyance ability
Butterfly - The art of transformation, the ability to know or to change the mind
Coyote - Laughter, humor and foolishness, the master trickster who tricks himself
Crow - Keeper of sacred law
Deer - Gentleness
Dog - true friend, loyal
Dolphin - spirit of friendship, trust, loyalty
Duck - spirits of those who passed on
Eagle - a connection with the divine, a soaring spirit that transcends Personal problems, creator, teacher, great integrity
Elk - Teaches that pacing yourself will increase your stamina
Fish - Ability to hide emotions, purifier
Fox - Camouflage, protection
Frog - Bringer of rain, abundance, and fertility
Hawk - messenger of the gods
Horned Toad - Longevity, self-reliance
Horse - possesses healing powers, swiftness, strength
Hummingbird - messenger, stopper of time
Lizard - conversation, agility
Mole - Keeper of the underground and crops
Moose - headstrong, unstoppable, longevity
Mountain Lion - leadership, resourcefulness
Mouse - paying attention to detail, scrutiny
Otter - Laughter, curiosity, mischievous Women medicine, the balanced female side
Owl - Can see what others can¹t, essence of true wisdom. Protector of the home.
Parrot - symbolic to the sun, as rainbows are the product of rain and sunlight
Porcupine - the power of faith and trust
Quail - sacred spirit, ceremonial, holy
Rabbit - The special guardian of women in child birth, also associated with safe birth and long life for children
Raccoon - Bandit, shy, resourceful
Ram - sense of self worth,
Raven - Magic, the messenger of the great mystery, a change in consciousness
Seal - family oriented, possesses power in numbers
Skunk - vary, conspicuous, intense
Snake - life, death, rebirth
Spider - creative patterns of life
Squirrel - natural intelligence, saver, protects reserves
Turkey - smart, elusive, festive
Turtle - oldest symbol of Mother Earth, longevity
Wolf - Teacher, pathfinder, sharing of your knowledge, never ending journey

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